ChatGPT Is Down? Current Problems and Solutions

Not working ChatGPT? Check out other users’ outage reports

ChatGPT - outages in the last 24 hours
Today, , outages were reported:
Yesterday, , outages were reported:

In the chart you can see the reported outages of ChatGPT, which is an AI-based chatbot managed by OpenAI. In practice, you can interact with this robot, but also ask more or less complex questions. The truthfulness of the answers is not guaranteed, but in general the more factual the query that has an unambiguous answer, the more likely the answer will be correct.

If you are experiencing service outages, whether due to inability to communicate or other errors, you can report them using the button at the top of this page. You can then describe the problem in more detail in the comments, where you can also find out more information from other users, or you can help someone who is experiencing the same error but can fix it.

Below you will also find links to the official website and social profiles of OpenAI, the company that created and maintains ChatGPT.

Quick availability check of ChatGPT

Here you can check the availability of “”, the official website with the login page.

Click on the button to start a functionality check of the site, which we will try to connect to and see if it loads correctly. If it does within a few seconds, the check is successful. Otherwise, the button will turn red, which may indicate a problem with ChatGPT.

Beware, it is possible that the site will load, but you will see information about service overload, for example. Even in this case, the check will be successful, even though the AI chat cannot be communicated with, and you need to wait until the service is available again.

What is ChatGPT and how to interact with it

ChatGPT is a chatbot that is based on artificial intelligence. All the communication you receive is therefore completely created by a computer. It is not artificial intelligence as such, but very complicated algorithms that learn from information available on the internet.

That’s why this chatbot is quite successful in answering a variety of very practical and factual questions, and many people use it for things like programming. Today, ChatGPT technology is already very robust and with each new version it resembles more and more a conversation with a real person. Even so, don’t rely on the answers, the chatbot still tends to make up information that it simply has no basis for, or it simply doesn’t know which source is true, so it picks one.

So always check and verify the information given. Despite the massive knowledge, these AIs should be taken with a grain of salt.

ChatGPT is completely free for general use and the link can be found below. Just register for free and start chatting.

Social profiles of ChatGPT

For more information, here are also links to OpenAI and all its official social profiles, where you can find out more information or even inquire about current outages of ChatGPT or other services like DALL-E-2 or others.

ChatGPT app download

ChatGPT works in a web version directly on the OpenAI website (link above), but also as a mobile app for Apple devices (US only for now). So you can download it via the link on the official site, or use the link here.

Download the ChatGPT app for iOS here

If you’re using Android phones or tablets, you’ll have to use the web version for now, but the app will be coming for that operating system very soon.

ChatGPT on Twitter

Here you can find the official Twitter feed of OpenAI, the company that runs ChatGPT. If the service is experiencing major outages, it will very likely let you know on its Twitter feed. You don’t have to search for it and you can find the latest posts right here, so you can see if there’s an outage in progress:

The most common solutions to ChatGPT outages

Check your internet connection

ChatGPT may appear to be down when your internet connection is down. Check that your other sites and sites are working properly before moving on. If everything else works but ChatGPT does not, please report it at the top of this page.

Server overload or general outage

Probably the most common reason for a chatbot not working is that there are simply too many people using it at once. You’ll usually find this out right after trying to chat, when you’ll be told that the servers are overloaded and you just need to wait.

If you are using the paid version, you have priority in usage over users who are chatting for free. So this outage doesn’t usually happen to paying users.

If your page doesn’t load, it may be a bug that needs to wait to be fixed. You can tell if others are experiencing the error by the comments below the article, or by the number of reports at the top of the page. If the service is not working for you, you can also contribute by reporting a broken service.

Expired login

If you try to chat but immediately get a“Network Error” error, it may be a logout. The solution is to reload the page, or log out and log back in, and try again.

Turn off the VPN

ChatGPT is heavily used around the world, and OpenAI, the company that runs the chatbot, tries to filter out robotic queries. So, in practice, it can block queries that are directed from a VPN. If you’re using this service and ChatGPT isn’t working for you, try turning off the VPN, and try again.

Turn off the browser extension

Various add-ons and extensions can disable ChatGPT. Typically, these are extensions that change the HTML code of pages, such as ad blockers.

Check the official site for outages

OpenAI has its own outage page. While it is not 100% and mainly reflects outages that are already known about, it can still give a hint if there is an outage, server overload or something else that is causing the service to fail.

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