Google AdSense Is Down? Current Problems, Outages and Solutions

Google AdSense not working? See other users’ reports

Google AdSense - outages in the last 24 hours
Today, , outages were reported:
Yesterday, , outages were reported:

In the chart you can see the reported outages and errors of Google AdSense. If Google AdSense isn’t working for you, or you’re experiencing errors that make the service basically unusable, or you’re sure the measurement is wrong, use the button above the graph to let others know they’re not alone.

Then, if you have a specific problem, let them know in the comments at the bottom of the page. Other users who may have also encountered the problem and know what’s behind it can help.

Reporting services that aren’t working also helps other users who know that the fault isn’t with their device, so they don’t have to try to fix it by turning off other apps or changing various settings.

Quick availability check of

Here you can check the availability of “”, the web version of Google AdSense.

The check is successful if we can connect to the website that loads within a few seconds after clicking the button. If the site returns an error or the connection takes too long, the check will fail.

Please note that we only check the functioning and loading of the website itself, not other functions or the now defunct mobile app.

Therefore, if you encounter an error on an otherwise functional site, please let us know about it using the button at the top of this page, and you can describe the error in more detail in the comments below.

This is a better way to keep track of other users’ reported outages and errors, as well as responses in the comments, which are more likely to show that the errors happened somewhere on the Google AdSense side, and thus the error is not on your device.

What can go wrong with Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the advertising system most commonly used to monetise websites and apps that don’t necessarily sell anything, but offer content with embedded advertising around it.

Themost common mistakes are ads that don’t show or mis-measure impressions and earnings. As for the second error, that you seem to be seeing the wrong impression and earnings numbers, that often appears at the same time as Google Analytics dropping out (even though you don’t have to use it). Google has a problem with correct measurement on their side at any given time, so in effect both services have a problem. If you’re seeing a measurement error in both AdSense and Analytics, if you’re using that measurement system, there’s a decent chance it’s an error on Google’s side.

Before you start fixing anything, we recommend using the Google Ads (which AdSense falls under) overview page for known outages or completely broken services. If you see that Google AdSense is orange or red, it means that the service is limited or completely unavailable, and that Google knows about this outage. At this point, there’s not much we can do to fix it, and we just need to wait.

If it’s a measurement error, we just need to wait. Google knows what ads were shown and how many clicks were generated, so it will fill in the numbers retrospectively and there is no need to worry.

Google AdSense has been down for some time

If you want to have Google AdSense reports on your phone, use the web version. There used to be a mobile app, but it hasn’t been updated for a while, until one update completely buried it and made it unusable (i.e. it doesn’t display any data or anything useful).

Google itself has said it will only support the web version of the reports. nothing else. So if you have the app on your phone, feel free to delete it. If Google decides to restore it for some reason, you can download it again from Google Play or the App Store.

How to fix potential problems with Google AdSense

Every now and then, a bug in the app will occur (often accompanied by a mismeasurement in Google Aalytics, for example), but sometimes a problem on our end is the cause of Google AdSense not working. Let’s take a look at common problems on the website owner’s side and how to solve them.

Check that your code is deployed correctly

Check that you have deployed the code correctly on your site. If you’re unsure about something or, for example, you’ve edited the ad blocks with your own styles (which you can do, but it’s easy to make mistakes), try deploying everything without any changes by copying the ad codes directly from AdSense.

Also, deploy the ad codes as shown in the instructions. That is, first one piece of code typically placed between the <head> tags, then the ad blocks where you want them placed. So the order matters.

If you use any add-ons, plugins or other programs to deploy the ad codes, try deploying the codes without them. It is possible that the error is on the side of these programs, which for some reason deploy the codes incorrectly.

Check applications that shrink or otherwise modify JavaScript

A number of techniques are used to speed up web pages. One of these is shrinking JavaScript files, for example by removing unnecessary lines and spaces. When we deploy AdSense on a website, it is the JavaScript that we add that takes care of displaying the ads.

Different programs can automatically shrink these JavaScript files for us, which usually helps, but there is also the possibility that a mistake will happen where AdSense stops displaying an ad because of some optimization.

Again, other programs may download the files needed for measurement locally to the server, i.e. they are not downloaded from Google. Again, this can be beneficial in terms of performance, but there may be an error in our local file or it may just not be up to date.

In short, disable any programs that may interfere with Google AdSense codes in any way, download them locally, shrink them or anything else. Ideally, in general for AdSense, make an exception in these programs so that they don’t interfere with the code in any way.

These programs and features can be useful, but they can also be the cause of ad serving not working as it should.

Clear your site cache

If you use a page cache (i.e. readers are offered preloaded versions of pages, which is faster than having to generate each page over and over for each visitor), delete this cache.

Various updates to anything could mean code changes that have not yet been reflected on the site for visitors.

The easiest way to do this is to clear the cache, which will create new up-to-date versions of the site. It’s not certain that this will help anything, but clearing the cache usually takes a few seconds, and it doesn’t hurt anything.

Ads take a while to show up at all

If you’re deploying AdSense on your website for the first time, don’t panic if your ads don’t show up right away. It will take some time, usually a few hours but also a few days, for ad blocks to fill up with ads.

In the meantime, you can check the element where you want the ad to appear in the site console (Ctrl Shift i shortcut). If you see information in the element that it did not render, this is not an error, but Google did not find a suitable ad to place, thus leaving the area blank.

An ad that is working correctly, but just hasn’t found a suitable ad to display and therefore remains blank, will look something like this in the code.

Nevyplněná reklama AdSense

So everything works, the codes are deployed correctly, only Google for some reason didn’t find a suitable ad to display when you view the page. It just happens and there is no need to panic. After deploying ads on a new site, this is fairly common, and you just need to wait it out. With an established site this also happens sometimes, so just try reloading the page and see if any ads show up.

Check for errors directly on the AdSense site

If your ads have stopped showing, also check to see if your site has been disabled or suspended due to any violations.

If this is the case, correct the errors and wait for a check to see if the ads start appearing again.

Google isn’t as strict these days and will let you know if you’re breaking the rules, for example by displaying ads in an inappropriate article, without suspending the ads from the whole site or closing your account.

That doesn’t mean you can break the rules, but there is some benevolence in that some articles may break the rules to some extent, but then you just need to remove the ad from them and everything should be fine again.

We also recommend having some mechanism for how you can remove all ads from any one page on an individual level. If any one article breaks the rules, it’s nice to be able to remove the ad with a few clicks to get the problem resolved quickly.

Google AdSense on Twitter

Here you can see Google AdSense support on the official Twitter profile. The profile is not particularly updated, but major outages will be listed here:

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