Netflix Is Down? Current Problems, Outages and Solutions

Netflix not working? Check out other users’ reports

Netflix - outages in the last 24 hours
Today, , outages were reported:
Yesterday, , outages were reported:

In the chart above, you can see the error reports from other users of the Netflix streaming service.

If you’re experiencing errors or outages yourself, you can report Netflix by clicking the button above the chart. This will also help other users who know that it’s an error on Netflix’s end, so they’ll have to wait for a fix.

Then below you will find possible reasons and solutions if the error is somewhere on your device and is fixable.

If you’re experiencing specific issues, feel free to describe them in the comments below where someone may have also encountered the same error and knows the fix.

Quick check for availability

You can check the availability of“” here.

The check is done by trying to connect to If we are successful and within the time limit, the check is successful, which you will see by the green button.

If, on the other hand, the site is down for some reason or the connection took too long, the check will fail and the button will turn red.

It should also be said that we only check the connection to the site, not other functions or applications.

So, for example, if the site itself is working but the videos cannot be played, for example, this is a clear failure, but the check would be successful in this case. In this case, please report the outage at the top of this page or describe the error in the comments.

This will then help other users who will not try to fix the problems on their device, but will know that the error is not on their side.

How to fix possible problems with Netflix

Netflix is the largest streaming service in the world, but despite its size, like other services we also encounter an outage now and then or that something just isn’t working.

We’ll take a look at the possible causes, because sometimes the fault is not necessarily on Netflix’s side, but on our device, which also means that the problem can often be solved to get everything working again.

Something not working or not playing? Try Netflix on multiple devices

We can use Netflix on a computer, tablet, mobile phone or even as an app on our smart TVs. But this also means that there are quite a lot of apps to manage, and every now and then one doesn’t work perfectly smoothly.

If anything doesn’t work for you, like playing a video, try Netflix on another device. For example, if you’re having problems with your TV, try running something on your computer.

That way, you can figure out pretty quickly if the problem is really on Netflix’s side, which would mean that the service isn’t working on either device, or if it’s some kind of bug on just the device that’s experiencing the error.

Netflix on TV is quite sensitive to network changes

If you use Netflix on TV, we may encounter a service not working if we change the way we connect to the internet.

The app itself may then work when browsing, but we encounter an error message when we try to launch it.

If something like this happens, try turning the Netflix app off and on again, or you can turn the whole TV off and on.

From experience, unplugging and plugging the TV from the mains may also help.

Typos in the address or a bad domain extension

Netflix works in a number of countries, but everywhere at, which is translated into a language that can be changed in the settings.

All other domains are incorrect, as are .cz, .eu, .sk and other domain extensions. Thus, only and only .com is correct.

This version is then translated into the language in the settings, similar to what Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many others have.

Blocking on trusted wi-fi or at work

Public wi-fi networks may block streaming content to avoid being overloaded, or simply not fast enough to run videos on.

Your employer may also block various sites and services on work devices and networks, including Netflix.

In both cases, you need to use your own device and your own network, typically mobile data.

Netflix is experiencing outages and needs to wait for a fix

If you’re seeing multiple reported outages, it’s very likely that Netflix just isn’t working. In this case, there’s not much you can do and you need to wait for the service to work again.

How long is then uncertain and depends on how major the outage is and how quickly things can be fixed.

For more information, here are also links to Netflix itself and its profiles on other social networks, where you can find out more about the current outage and usually a tentative repair time.

Netflix on Twitter

You can check out Netflix’s latest Twitter posts here. If Netflix is experiencing a more well-known outage, you’ll very likely see that information on Twitter.

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Netflix is a streaming service offering movies, TV series, documentaries and reality shows. It operates on a monthly fee basis, where all content can be played for free after payment.

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