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Instagram Is Down? Current Problems, Outages and Solutions

Instagram is down or not working properly? See other users’ reports

Instagram - outages in the last 24 hours
Today, , outages were reported:
Yesterday, , outages were reported:

In the chart above, you can see the reported outages of the social network Instagram for today and yesterday. If you’re also experiencing issues, use the buttons above the graph to let other users know that the outage is very likely on Instagram’s end directly, and therefore the problem is not on their device.

If it’s a problem with a specific feature, post in the comments below the article. Someone else may have encountered a similar problem and can advise on how to possibly resolve it.

Instagram is owned by Meta, which owns Facebook, WhatsApp, and Messenger, among others. Problems on one of these services then usually mean outages or errors in the functions of the other services. If this is the case, let the outages be known on the separate pages of these other products:

By reporting a service that’s not working, you’ll help other users who won’t try to fix the problem on their phone, tablet or computer because it’s obviously somewhere else and will have to wait for a solution.

Quickly check for availability

Here you can check the availability of “”, the web version of Instagram.

During the check, which is done by clicking on the button, we will try to connect to If the connection is successful, the button will turn green, otherwise it will turn red.

However, it must be said that we only check if we are able to visit the site within a few seconds. We no longer check if all functions are working, such as sending messages or posting photos or videos.

If the site itself is working, but only some of the functions are not working, the check will also pass.

In this case, if only some functions are not working, please report the errors using the button above the article, and you can describe the errors in more detail in the comments below the article.

Similarly, we do not check the functionality of the Instragram mobile app, only the web version. If you are having problems with the app and something is not working, again, please report the bug and describe the issue in the comments.

This will definitely help others who are experiencing this error, where it will be clear that the problem is not with you, but is some sort of outage that Meta, the company that Instagram falls under, needs to resolve on their end.

How to fix possible problems with the Instagram app

Let’s take a look at the possible reasons why Instagram might not be working as expected, as well as what to do about any outages.

Is the Instagram app not working? Try restarting it

Smartphones are pretty stable and don’t need to restart that often, but bugs still happen and sometimes apps just stop working properly.

The easiest and most effective way to fix this is to turn the app off and back on again.

Another option is to restart the entire phone or tablet.

Missing the web version?

The web version of Instagram can start to fail due to a number of things that the web browser you’re using can’t handle.

Typically, this could be a network change, for example, if you change which wi-fi you connect to, where you then get an error like “NETWORK CHANGED” and everything looks like an unavailable website.

Again, a fairly simple and quick solution is to close the browser window and open a new one, or refresh the page. This only takes a few seconds, which is better than trying a more drastic solution.

Note the address – the correct one is

If you’re accessing Instagram from a computer, you’re probably using the web version, so you’re looking at the site directly in your web browser.

If this is the case, check that you are indeed at the correct address, which is

Any other endings like .cz, .eu, .sk or any other similar ones are not correct and the site would look like a broken or most likely a fraudulent site.

Similarly, check if you have made a typo in the address, which would also result in a non-functional site or a visit to a non-official site. Typos are especially concerning for those who didn’t go to Instagram via a saved bookmark, but typed the address into the address bar manually.

Blocked by the employer or the owner of the public wi-fi

Various services, typically social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and others, but also streaming services like Netflix, HBO Max, Spotify and others can be blocked on the device you are using or directly on the network you are connected to.

Typically, this applies to public wi-fi networks that aren’t meant to be overloaded with heavy apps, or even more typically on devices and networks at work where these non-work sites are blocked altogether.

So the solution is to use another device and another network where these sites are not blocked. So typically you can use your smartphone and your own mobile data.

Instagram just doesn’t work and you need to wait for a reset

Especially if you can see in the graph at the top of the article that other users are also experiencing problems, it most likely won’t be an error on your side, but it will be an error on the side of Instagram itself.

If you also use other apps like Facebook, Messenger or WhatsApp, which together with Instagram are all owned by Meta, and you are experiencing errors in them as well, the likelihood of an error on Instagram’s side is already practically 100%.

In this case, unfortunately, there is no way to fix the error from your side, and you have to wait for a fix.

When outages like this happen, it usually takes a few hours before they are fixed.

For more information, here are also links to Meta’s social media accounts where you can find out more about possible outages.

Instagram on Twitter

Here you can find the latest Instagram news on Twitter. If the app is experiencing outages, it will usually just let you know via Twitter, so this information may come in handy.

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Instagram is a social network for chatting or sharing photos and videos with friends. It is owned by Meta Platforms, Inc., which also owns Facebook, Messenger or WhatsApp.

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