HBO Max Is Down? Current Problems, Outages and Solutions

HBO Max not working? Check out other users’ reports

HBO Max - outages in the last 24 hours
Today, , outages were reported:
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In the chart above, you can see the bug reports from other users of the HBO Max streaming service (now named Max).

If you are experiencing errors or outages yourself, you can report HBO Max by clicking the button above the chart. By reporting, you and other users will know if the service is now error-prone, unavailable, overloaded, or otherwise experiencing problems. If there are multiple reports, everyone is more likely to know that it’s a problem on HBO Max’s end that the company itself needs to fix.

But we can solve some problems on our own, so to speak. Below you’ll find possible reasons why HBO Max isn’t working and how to possibly fix the service. As well as reasons we can’t do anything about and will have to wait.

If you’re experiencing specific problems, feel free to describe them in the comments below where someone else may have also encountered the same error and knows the fix.

Quick availability check for

Here you can check the availability of, the homepage of the official website.

The check is done by trying to connect to If we are successful and within the time limit, the check is successful, which you will see by the green button.

If, on the other hand, the site is down for some reason or the connection took too long, the check fails and the button turns red.

It should also be said that we only check the connection to the site, i.e. not other functions or applications, broken or unavailable videos, playback choppiness and other similar errors.

So if the site itself is working but the videos cannot be played, for example, this is a clear failure, but the check would be successful in this case. In this case, please report the outage at the top of this page or describe the error in the comments.

This will then help other users who will not try to fix the problems on their device, but will know that the error is not on their side.

How to fix potential problems with HBO Max

HBO Max is one of the biggest online streaming services (then the very biggest competitors are Netflix and Disney , where the likes of YouTube work slightly differently and offer a different type of content). It offers mainly Warner Bros. films and series, but also its own original work, with Game of Thrones clearly being one of the biggest and most famous.

Like any online service, HBO Max sometimes experiences outages. Sometimes it’s an error on the operator’s part, other times it’s a problem on our device. We’ll look at the various reasons and possible solutions to get HBO Max back up and running.

Is something not working or not playing? Try HBO Max on another device

HBO Max is available on your computer, tablet, mobile phone and even as an app on smart TVs. There are a number of different apps, which also means that from the operator’s point of view, there may be a bug or imperfection or incompatibility with a device.

In practice, if HBO Max doesn’t work on your TV, for example, it’s possible that it’s a bug in the app. Therefore, try other devices such as your computer or phone. If everything works on one device but not the other, it’s quite possible that it’s a bug in the app or on the device in question, which may not be connected to the internet properly, the internet may have dropped out today, or the app may be stuck and needs to be restarted.

On the other hand, if you can’t get HBO Max on either device and your internet connection is otherwise fine, it’s probably a bug on the operator’s end that they’ll have to fix, so we’ll have to wait and see.

HBO Max on TV is quite sensitive to network changes

If you’re using HBO Max on TV, we may encounter a non-functioning service if we change the way we connect to the internet. That is, if we change the wi-fi network, connect with a cable, etc.

The app itself may then work when browsing, but we encounter an error message when we try to launch it.

If something like this happens, try turning the HBO Max app off and on again, or you can turn the whole TV off and on.

From experience, unplugging and plugging the TV from the mains may also help. Sometimes these devices remember different settings, and even turning it off and on may not help. This is why you need to turn the TV off, unplug it for a while, and plug it back in.

Typos in address or wrong domain extension

HBO Max works in many countries, but everywhere at, which is translated into a language that can be changed in the settings.

All other domains are incorrect, as are .eu, and other domain extensions. Thus, only and only .com is correct.

This version is then translated into the language in the settings, much like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many others have.

Blocking on trusted wi-fi or at work

Public wi-fi networks may block streaming content to avoid being overloaded, or simply not fast enough to run videos on.

Your employer may also block various sites and services on work devices and networks, including HBO Max.

In both cases, you need to use your own device and your own network, typically mobile data.

HBO Max is experiencing outages and needs to wait for a fix

If you’re seeing multiple reported outages, it’s very likely that HBO Max simply isn’t working. In this case, there’s not much you can do and you need to wait for the service to work again.

How long is then uncertain, and it depends on how major the outage is and how quickly things can be fixed.

For more information, here are also links to HBO Max itself and its profiles on other social media sites, where you can find out more about the current outage and usually a tentative repair time.

HBO Max on Twitter

Here you can check out the latest Twitter posts of HBO Max. If HBO Max is experiencing a more well-known outage, you’ll very likely see that information on Twitter.

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HBO Max (now Max) is a streaming service offering movies, series, documentaries and reality shows. It operates on a monthly fee basis, where all content can be played for free after payment.

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