Viber Is Down? Current Problems, Outages and Solutions

Viber not working? See other users’ reports

Viber - outages in the last 24 hours
Today, , outages were reported:
Yesterday, , outages were reported:

In the chart you can see the reported Viber outages and errors.

If you’re experiencing Viber crashes, slowdowns, or other errors that are making the app unusable, report it using the button above the chart to let others know that they’re not alone, and more importantly, that it’s most likely a bug in the app itself and not in you.

You can then write about what the problem is in the comments below the article. Someone can advise or confirm that they are currently experiencing the same bug as well.

This then makes it easier to simply wait for a fix, where we are not trying to change various settings on our device.

Quick check for availability

Here you can check the availability of“”, the official website where you can find download links and other information.

Click on the check button to see if the app’s pages load correctly and return no errors.

If everything turns out fine within a few seconds, the check will be fine. Otherwise, if there are errors, the connection fails at all or takes too long, the check will fail.

The site check does not address the functionality of the application itself, sending or receiving messages, or other possible problems. But if Viber encounters a major outage that affects the website, this check can easily detect that and verify that the problem isn’t just on your device.

If your site doesn’t load and the check is also unsuccessful, it’s probably a bug on Viber’s end, not yours, and you’ll need to wait for a fix.

Links to download the Viber app

Viber works on basically all operating systems, i.e. Windows PCs, Macs, Linux but also Android or iOS mobile phones and tablets, as well as Huawei phones running Harmony OS. The only drawback we see is the unavailability of a web version, so you always need to use an app.

So in practice, you can actually use Viber on all more mainstream operating systems on PC, mobile and tablet.

You can find all the download links directly on the official website, where you just choose which device you use:


How to fix potential problems with Viber

Viber doesn’t encounter outages very often, but it does happen occasionally. Let’s take a look at a few possible reasons and solutions.

Failed to update

In order to use the app, it needs to be up to date. Updates usually happen automatically, but there can be a problem that causes the update to fail.

Typically, this could be a memory overflow or an internet connection failure.

If the update fails, try restarting the device and running it manually. If the memory is full, you may need to free up some space to download the necessary files.

Network changes

Some apps may stop working properly if you change the way you connect to the internet (for example, changing from mobile data to wi-fi or vice versa, or changing from one wi-fi network to another).

Viber can deal with this very well, but you may definitely encounter a short-term outage, which will be especially noticeable during video or audio calls.

Poor internet connection

Viber needs a good quality connection to transfer especially larger files like pictures or videos. If you go from 5G or 4G (LTE) to slower 3G, or you’re far away from a wi-fi transmitter, the app may crash or not work properly.

You need to find a place with a better signal where the app will work properly.

Viber app is stuck

Hacking of any app happens and it’s quite normal. The ideal is to turn the app off and on. If it’s a more major issue, you may need to restart the entire device.

Not at work or on public wi-fi?

Different networks can block data transfer of different apps. This could typically be wi-fi networks at work or school, for example.

Typically these are social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, but of course it can also be apps like Viber, Discord and others that work primarily for communication.

The solution is then to use your own device and your own internet connection, typically your own phone with mobile data.

Viber just crashed and we need to wait for a fix

If nothing has helped, and especially if you can see in the graph of reported outages at the top of the page that other users are experiencing outages as well, it’s probably an outage on Viber’s end.

In practice, this means that there’s not much we can do about the problem and we’ll have to wait for a resolution, which can typically take on the order of hours.

For more information, here are also links to Viber itself all its official social profiles where you can find out more information.

Viber on Twitter

For good measure, we also list Viber’s feed on its official Twitter account, where it will also very likely report on known outages

Alternatives to Viber

Viber can be used for communication, but there are a number of similar apps. Let’s take a look at the alternatives you can use until Viber starts working again if it’s a bug on the app’s side.

So the alternatives are more in the realm of chatting or voice chat, which also offer other services, and where it’s not that difficult to pass on contact on an individual basis.


Messenger is a chat application under Facebook. On mobile phones and tablets it works as a standalone app, in the web version it is possible to use or directly.

It is one of the most used apps for sending messages, photos, gifs, videos or audio recordings.

For basic communication, it is more than enough. All you need is a Facebook account.



WhatsApp also belongs to Facebook and it’s the most used chat app in the world. Accounts work on a phone number level, but you can also download a PC app and link that to your phone.

WhatsApp offers basically everything you could want from a chat app, but it is mainly aimed at communicating with individuals or smaller groups, i.e. not as a community app.



Discord is another app you can use for chatting, among other things. You can run it on phones and tablets with operating systems on Windows, Mac, Linux but also on Android or iOS phones and tablets.



Skype is owned by Microsoft and is great for using voice or video calls.

You can download Skype to your PC and all slightly more modern smartphones.

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Viber is an app for computers, mobile phones and tablets that allows you to send text messages, pictures. or audio, as well as voice or video calls.

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