Apple Music Is Down? Current Problems, Outages and Solutions

Apple Music not working? See other users’ reports

Apple Music - outages in the last 24 hours
Today, , outages were reported:
Yesterday, , outages were reported:

In the chart above, you can see the reported Apple Music service outages for today and yesterday. If you’re also experiencing problems, use the buttons above the chart to let other users know that this is very likely an outage on Apple’s end directly, and therefore the problem is not on their device.

If it’s a problem with a specific feature, post in the comments below the article. Someone else may have encountered a similar problem and can advise on how to possibly resolve it.

Reporting a service that isn’t working will also help other users who won’t then try to fix the problem on their phone, tablet or computer, as the fault will obviously be elsewhere and will need to wait for a solution.

Quickly check Apple Music availability

Here you can check the availability of“”, the web version of Apple Music.

During the check, we’ll connect to the website and see if it’s working. If everything is successful (i.e. the page loads fine without errors), the check is successful.

If, on the other hand, the page does not load or the connection takes too long, which in practice is a situation where the site does not load for the user, the check fails.

However, the check only addresses the functioning of the site, not the application or other features. So, for example, if the site works but the song cannot be played, the check will not detect this.

This check is therefore useful for cases where the website does not load and you want to check whether it is a bug on your side/your device or a failure of the website itself.

If a specific feature isn’t working with Apple Music, you can’t play music, you can’t see a video, or anything else, let us know by reporting it at the top of this page, or describe the problem in the comments. We or other users will try to help if the problem is solvable.

You can also use the instructions and procedures below to fix Apple Music not working if it’s a bug somewhere on the device, and not necessarily on the service itself.

General problems and solutions

Here you’ll find general reasons and solutions for Apple Music not working. Then below you’ll find more detailed solutions for the web version on your computer, as well as the app for phones and tablets.

See if others are experiencing problems with Apple Music

Apple Music is a very stable service that rarely experiences outages. Even so, it can still happen now and then. This site,, collects reports from users who experience problems or complete service failure. You can report a broken service by clicking the button at the top of this page. This will then let you know that something is not working.

If there are multiple reports, then it is very likely that it is not a problem on your device, but a larger outage.

However, in that case, it’s also likely that there’s nothing you can do about the problem or outage, and you’ll need to wait for Apple to resolve the situation.

On the other hand, if something isn’t working but you don’t see any outage reports, it’s more likely that there’s a bug on your device that can be fixed to make everything work as it should, and you can continue reading.

Check your internet connection

If you’re having trouble connecting to the internet, it’s possible that some parts of the Apple Music website or app will load, but you won’t be able to play audio or video, for example. This is called a cache, which is data that your device stores and uses the next time you use the app without needing to download it.

Everything can then be controlled to some extent, but nothing that needs to be downloaded works, i.e. a music file for example.

Test if you are connected to the internet, perhaps by loading some other page. If nothing loads, it’s your internet connection that’s at fault, not Apple Music.

Try replacing your device

If Apple Music works on one device but not another, it’s probably a fixable bug. If, on the other hand, the video doesn’t play anywhere, it’s more likely to be a bug on the service’s side and you’ll need to wait for a fix.

You might as well try Apple Music in the web version rather than the app, or vice versa. Occasionally there may be a problem in one version, but the service will work elsewhere, which is enough to fix the problem temporarily while the service fixes everything on its side.

Blocking by the employer or owner of the public wi-fi

Various services, typically social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and others, but also streaming services like YouTube, Netflix, HBO Max and others can be blocked on the device you’re using or directly on the network you’re connected to.

Typically, this applies to public wi-fi networks that aren’t meant to be overloaded with heavy apps, or even more typically to devices and networks at work where these non-work sites are blocked altogether.

So the solution is to use another device and another network where these sites are not blocked. So typically you can use your smartphone and your own mobile data.

Apple Music is not working and you need to wait for a restore

Especially if you see in the chart at the top of the article that other users are also experiencing problems, it most likely won’t be an error on your side, but it will be an error on the side of Apple Music itself.

In this case, unfortunately, there is no way to fix the error from your side, and you have to wait for the fix.

When outages like this happen, it usually takes a few hours before they are fixed.

You can also check out Apple’s social profiles, where there will likely be information about major outages as well.

How to fix potential problems with Apple Music in the browser and PC app

Here we’ll look at possible problems and solutions you may encounter in the web version, as well as the PC app.

You can download the Apple Music-enabled iTunes app for PC from the official website here:


Reload the page or app

Sometimes apps or videos can get stuck. The easiest fix is to try to reload the video by refreshing the page (you can use Ctrl R or ⌘ D on a Mac), or close the browser tab and reopen it.

Closing and opening an app can work similarly if you’re using it.

This is a very easy and quick test and probably the most common working fix.

Check that your browser and graphics drivers are up to date

An out-of-date browser may be to blame. In general, you should always keep this program, whether it’s Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari or any other, up to date. Failure to keep them up to date means security risks, as well as non-functioning especially modern services like Apple Music.

Likewise, check that your computer drivers are up to date. To set up and update drivers in Windows, press Win X, then select Device Manager, then click Graphics Adapters. You then right click on these adapters and select update. Windows will also eventually tell you that they are up to date, so there is nothing to do. Out-of-date drivers aren’t typically the cause of Apple Music not working, but updating them is still very quick and worth a shot.

Generally, the more common cause is an out-of-date browser, so it doesn’t want to download and install updates. You usually need to turn the browser off and on for the changes to take effect.

Delete cookies and other site data

The browser may have stored erroneous data, which the browser then goes on to use, but because it’s erroneous it leads to broken services. So you need to delete cookies or other website data.

Beware, deleting cookies means that you will have to log in to all websites again, for example, and various settings that the website remembers will disappear (for example, you will get pop-up bars to allow cookies).

So you may only want to delete data from certain websites. For example, in Google Chrome, go to Settings, then select Privacy & Security from the left menu, then Site settings. Then you need to select Third-party cookies. You then click on See all site data and permissions.

Site data in Chrome

Instead of clicking through this, you can also put “chrome://settings/content/all” in the address bar (where you type the site addresses) without the quotation marks.

In Mozilla Firefox it’s easier, and in settings you select Privacy and Security, and then Manage Data.

Either way, you’ll get to the stored data for each site, which you can delete one by one. So if you delete a site’s cookies and data, you won’t have to log in again everywhere, but only on that one site.

Check your browser extensions and add-ons

Different add-ons can create incompatibilities between your browser and a service like Apple Music. Typically, this can include things like ad blockers. If Apple Music doesn’t work in the web version, try disabling all add-ons and trying again. If the videos play fine, an add-on is probably to blame. You can also test everything in a browser that doesn’t have any add-ons.

If an add-on was at fault, just turn them on one by one to see which one was at fault.

Watch out for the address – the correct one is

If this is the case, check that you are indeed at the correct address, which is If you try to go to, for example, you will be redirected to the correct .com.

But you always need to check that it really is the correct site.

Likewise, check that you haven’t made a typo in the address, which would also result in a broken site or a visit to a non-official site. Typos are especially concerning for those who didn’t go to Instagram via a saved bookmark, but typed the address into the address bar manually.

How to fix potential problems with Apple Music on your phone and tablet

Here’s a look at possible problems and solutions with the mobile app. Download links can then be found here:


Apple Music app not working? Try restarting it

The app may have gotten stuck somewhere and that’s why it’s not working properly. The easiest thing to do is to turn the app off and back on, or turn the whole phone off and on.

Clear the app’s cache and data

Similar to the web version, apps store various data that can cause problems or make the app unusable over time. Clearing it is pretty easy.

  • On iOS devices (i.e. iPhone or iPad), the easiest way to uninstall and reinstall apps is to
  • On Android devices, go to Settings > Apps > APP NAME > Storage > Erase Data

Apple Music on Twitter

Here you can find the latest Apple Music news on the official Twitter page. If an app is experiencing outages, it will usually just let you know via Twitter, so this information can come in handy.

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