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Snapchat is down? Current problems, outages and solutions

Snapchat not working? See other users’ reports

Snapchat - outages in the last 24 hours
Today, , outages were reported:
Yesterday, , outages were reported:

You can see Snapchat’s reported outages and errors in the chart. If Snapchat isn’t working for you or you’re experiencing bugs that are making the service essentially unusable, use the button above the chart to let others know they’re not alone.

Then, if you have a specific problem, let them know in the comments at the bottom of the page. Other users who may have also encountered the problem and know what’s behind it can help.

Reporting services that aren’t working also helps other users who know that the fault isn’t with their device, so they don’t have to try to fix it by turning off other apps or changing various settings.

Quick availability check at

Here you can check the availability of“”, the login page of the web version, where you can also register.

The check will be successful if we can connect to the website that loads within a few seconds after clicking the button. If the site returns an error or the connection takes too long, the check will fail.

Please note that we only check the functioning and loading of the website itself, not the mobile apps on which Snapchat primarily runs. We also don’t check other features, like whether you can send/receive messages or anything else.

So if you encounter any bugs on an otherwise functional site, please let us know about it using the button at the top of this page, and you can describe the bug in more detail in the comments below.

It’s also worth pointing out that checking the Snapchat site itself isn’t exactly the most convenient way to find out that something isn’t working, as typically outages are related to a feature in the app, not a completely crashed page or a broken login page.

Thus, it’s better to monitor other users’ reported outages and bugs, as well as reactions in the comments, which are more likely to show that the bugs happened somewhere on Snapchat’s end, and thus the fault isn’t with your device.

Links to download the Snapchat app

Snapchat, by the principle of functioning on the basis of sending instant photos and videos, is available as an app for Android or iOS mobile phones and tablets.

Although the app can be run on a PC, it’s relatively useless as it simply has no significant use in this case (after all, taking photos with a computer isn’t exactly common).

You can find all the download links directly on the official website, or here, where you just choose which device you’re using:

How to fix potential problems with Snapchat

Snapchat doesn’t crash all that often, but it does happen now and then. Let’s take a look at a few possible reasons and solutions.

Network changes

Some apps may stop working properly when you change the way you connect to the internet (for example, changing from mobile data to wi-fi or vice versa, or changing one wi-fi network for another).

Snapchat typically doesn’t have a problem with this and everything continues to work, but if the app stopped working the moment you changed networks, this may be the cause.

You may especially notice it the moment the network change hit the time you sent the message.

The easy solution is to restart the app.

Snapchat app is stuck

Hacking of any app happens and it’s quite normal. The ideal is to turn the app off and on. If it’s a more fundamental crash, you may need to restart the entire device.

Not at work or on public wi-fi?

Public or wi-fi networks at work, as well as work computers, can block various apps or sites. Typically these are social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, but of course they can also be apps like Snapchat that function primarily for communication.

The solution then is to use your own device and your own internet connection, typically your own phone with mobile data.

Snapchat has simply crashed and needs to wait for a fix

If nothing has helped, and especially if you see in the graph of reported outages at the top of the page that other users are experiencing outages as well, it’s probably an outage directly on Snapchat’s end.

In practice, this means that there’s not much we can do about the problem and we’ll have to wait for a resolution, which can typically take on the order of hours.

For more information, here are also links to Snapchat itself all its official social profiles where you can find out more information.

Snapchat on Twitter

Here e can check out Snapchat’s promotion on its official Twitter profile. Known issues and outages are usually posted there as well, so they are in the process of being fixed:

Alternatives for Snapchat

Snapchat is a rather specific application in which you only communicate by sending photos or videos, which also disappear quickly. Finding an alternative that works the same way is more difficult. A number of apps have been created, but none have taken off, so Snapchat is still essentially the only one of its kind, at least in terms of mass popularity.

So when we mention alternatives, we are not necessarily talking about apps that work the same, but rather apps that allow some form of communication in the form of pictures or videos (or even the “old-fashioned” form of text), but without the automatic message deletion that Snapchat allows.


Messenger is a chat application under Facebook. On mobile and tablet devices it works as a standalone app, while in the web version you can use or directly.

It is one of the most used apps for sending messages, photos, gifs, videos or audio recordings.

For basic communication, it is more than enough. All you need is a Facebook account.


WhatsApp also belongs to Facebook and it’s the most used chat app in the world. Accounts work on a phone number level, but you can also download a PC app and link that to your phone.

WhatsApp offers basically everything you could want from a chat app, but it is mainly aimed at communicating with individuals or smaller groups, i.e. not as a community app.


Viber is another app you can use for chatting. You can run it on Android phones and tablets, iOS, Huawei phones or Windows PCs.


Skype is owned by Microsoft and is great for using voice or video calls.

You can download Skype to your PC and all slightly more modern smartphones.

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Snapchat is a mobile app for chatting in the form of instant photos or videos. In addition, sent photos or videos disappear after a few seconds.

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